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Empower Volunteers and Enhance Enrollment

Our comprehensive platform makes it easy to manage and elevate the recruiting efforts of your alumni and alumnae volunteers. Empower them with the tools they need to enhance enrollment.

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Volunteer Recruiting Management Made Simple.

Alumnae and alumni volunteers are vital resources when it comes to recruiting prospective students. Our service will help you optimize the way you involve volunteers in the recruiting process, greatly enhancing your enrollment results.

Simplify Your Workflow

Managing the involvement and interactions of hundreds of volunteers participating in different ways and at different paces can be a monumental task. Our software provides a one-stop solution designed specifically to make this work efficient and productive.

Unite and Empower Your Volunteers

In addition to optimizing the management of your alumnae and alumni volunteers, our tools help your volunteers participate at their own pace and in ways that accommodate their busy schedules and individual needs.

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Cost-effective Solution

Even with minimal usage, our service provides an outstanding return on investment, allowing volunteers to work efficiently and effectively as extended members of your recruiting and enrollment team.

Entirely Web-based Software

Our web-based offering eliminates the need for software installations and specific computer configurations for both campus staff and volunteers. Technical assistance is provided by our team so your team can focus on enrollment.

Growing Platform

We work directly with your office and your volunteers to implement new features into our growing platform on a continual basis. As we add features, your tool set will increase at no additional cost.

Safe and Secure Practices

We help manage and organize your data without exposing your institution to unnecessary security risks often associated with web-based software solutions.

Mobile Friendly

Our tools are largely accessible from any device, regardless of operating system or screen size. We aim to accommodate all users, including those on-the-go.

Flexible Framework

Every institution has unique needs in various aspects of recruiting. Our software can be modified to meet the unique needs and demands of your recruiting process.

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